Market Update Nov 20 2023

Market Update Nov 20 2023

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 Market Update Nov 20 2023

[00:00:00] Real estate fans, welcome back to Southern Oregon market statistics for our local housing, all three counties, Klamath, Josephine, and Jackson. This is for the week ending Monday, November 20th, 2023. And just a reminder, these are numbers for single family residential only.

Klamath County prices year over year are up 31% this week, great news. The average single family residential home now costing $303,263 in Klamath County. A number of sold year over year are up 35%. Again, great news for Klamath County. There were 19 residential homes closed this week up, up in Klamath Falls. Number of listings year over year are up 7 percent and you can see it's getting scooped up. That's why the sales numbers are up. Klamath County number of listings year over year. This week are up 7%. There were 248 [00:01:00] residential homes on the market in Klamath County this week. We had in the foreclosure market. We had zero closed short sales, zero. And million dollar residential in Klamath County. Klamath County. Zero this week.

Josephine County, little different story this week. Prices year over year in Josephine County are down this week. 13 percent the average single family home costing 445, 500 in Josephine County this week. Number of solds year over year are down 36 percent in Josephine County. There are only 12 residential closings this week in Josephine County. Number of new listings are down 3 percent in Josephine County, there were 300 and excuse me, 349 residential homes on the market, Josephine County. Foreclosures closed for zero, short sales closed for 0, million residential in Josephine County, all zero this week. [00:02:00]

Jackson County, Jackson County, little Perkier prices year over year in Jackson County are up 17% this week averaging $552,729. Number of solds year over year in Jackson County are up 11%. There were 50 residential closings in Jackson County this week. Number of listings in Jackson County are down 10%. There were 672 residential residential listings in Jackson County on the market this week. Foreclosures were zero. Short sales closing in Jackson County were zero, but we did have four more million dollar residential sales closed in Jackson County this week. We had, we had a 1. 85 million dollar closing in Jacksonville. We had a 1. 12 million dollar closing in East Medford. We had a 1. 0 million dollar [00:03:00] closing in East Medford, and we had a 1. 0 closing in Central Point this week, and those are all residential sales.

So we're starting to see some signs of life, a little bit of price buoyancy. Again, we still have volatility. We still can't predict too closely what's going to happen in the future. But if you, uh, go to my podcast for this week, we are going to do some, projections for 2024 from some of the housing experts, not just me.

And also want to say, please check us out on our, new radio show. We got picked up by a bigger station. It's going to be, The ACE 1300 AM radio. It's a local station. It's a sports station. They're also going to do high school sports events. And we're one of the local content creators. So we're super happy. And that's hosted by Joe Brett and Pete Belcaster. You may remember them. From the [00:04:00] original, real estate show. So I want to say thank you to them. Hope you have a beautiful rest of the Thanksgiving weekend.

Give me a call. Give me a text. I am working this weekend doing open houses and showing property and listing properties. And we still need listings. So give me a call, give me a text 541 301 7980. And look for our, radio show on, the ACE. 1300 a. m. and we'll be broadcasting 10 a. m. on Saturdays.

Have a beautiful Southern Oregon weekend. Hug those you love. Bye.

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