Market Update Nov 21, 2021

Market Update Nov 21, 2021

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[00:00:00] Well, good morning. Real estate fans, Alice Lema here, broker John L. Scott here in beautiful Southern Oregon. Happy, happy post Thanksgiving. Hope everybody had a great holiday. Just wanted to run through our three counties real quick.

[00:00:14] Starting with Jackson county today for the week end november 21st, 2021. Our new listings in Jackson county were down a little bit 96 new listings. Closed sales were 123, pending sales were 126. Our back on market were 33, our canceled and withdrawn also 33. The average days on market is 32 days. Our average sales price is $449,045. And the average sold price to list price ratio this week was 96.71%.

[00:00:55] Josephine county new listings were 44. Closed sales were 39 in Josephine county, 43 pending sales in Josephine county. 17 back on market, 17 canceled and withdrawn and 26 average days on market in Josephine county this week. The average sales price was 379,929 in Josephine county this week. The average sold price to list price ratio was 98.34%

[00:01:25] Klamath county new listings were 33, 42 closed sales, 35 pending sales in Klamath county this week. Back on market were 18, canceled and withdrawal were 10 in Klamath county this week, 37 average days on market this week. Average sales price in Klamath county this week was $247,923 two hundred forty seven, nine hundred and twenty three. There we go. 2 47, 9 23 Klamathwith county average sales price this week. The already sold price to list price ratio was 96.6, 3% in Klamath county. So those are all the stats for all three counties here in Southern Oregon for this week ending November 21st, 2021.

[00:02:08] We're winding down the year. We still have a lot of good deals out there. We still have asteady stream of listings coming on. In fact, I believe if we check this time last year, I bet we have more. I'll do that. Bring it to you next week. Hope you had a beautiful holiday with their loved ones.

[00:02:25] I'm around all weekend. If there's something you need, or you just want to chat, talk about strategies, maybe you want to buy, sell something right now. There's still time. We still have one escrow left. I'm just joking. You know, that. Four weeks or so. So if you go into escrow on December 1st and everything lines up, you might so close before the end of the year. So it's not out of the, out of the question. Okay. I'm around all weekend. Call me, text me (541)301-7980.

[00:02:54] Do just have a beautiful rest of the weekend and we'll catch you next week. Bye now.

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