Now is the Time to Sell Your Home

Now is the Time to Sell Your Home

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[00:00:00] Alice Lema: Well, good morning, real estate fans, Alice Lema here, broker John L. Scott and beautiful Southern Oregon with another edition of the weekly podcast. Today we're going to talk about why waiting till spring is a bad idea, only because the buyer demand is so super high right now.

[00:00:20] We actually have two unexpected buyer pools that surged into the market, kind of, kind of as a game changer. But before we get to that, let's give you a chance to subscribe to the channel and give us a like, give us a thumbs up, send us questions and comments. We're getting some good stuff back from, from the folks that are listening. So thank you for that.

[00:00:41] So here we go onto the podcast. Why waiting till spring is a bad idea right now because we've got a lot of buyer demand and it's super high, right this second. So here's kind of what's going on and we'll have a little chart from one of my favorite websites, keeping current matters, KCM, which shows in the last 90 days, the surge of buyer interest in house purchasing.

[00:01:04] And it's a little reactionary if you will, because one group that's kind of rushed into the market, which we were expecting the interest rates to have an effect on the buyer behavior. However, there's a really big surge, more than expected of buyers because they just decided to pull the trigger. And some of these folks were people that were not even planning on moving.

[00:01:28] So everybody's kind of rushing and take advantage of the interest rates. The group, the inflation hedgers. So if you're old like me and you remember the seventies, what do you do during high inflationary times? You hedge, you hedge by putting your money into assets that are likely to appreciate in response to the inflationary times. And that has to do with hard assets. You know, you see a lot of people putting their money into art. Now, coins houses, classic cars things that are going to hold their value or actually increase in value. So we have investors now in some, in institutional investors that are moving their money into real estate.

[00:02:11] And I don't know that a lot of us were predicting that volume. And that quick of a reaction to these inflationary times. So now we have two more pools of buyers than we did before at a time when we were trying to stabilize. And more sellers are putting their properties on the market. So if you're selling, then this is a better time to beat the rush.

[00:02:37] Get your house on the market now. This is being recorded kind of mid February, instead of waiting till May or June. And kind of take advantage of this, this kind of tidal wave of buyers that just jumped in. If you have to wait until spring for other reasons, and you have to wait, but maybe sign your listing ahead of time, let your agent kind of quietly get the word out as much as their MLS will allow, because MLS has have rules about that.

[00:03:05] But see if you can kind of get that pipeline ready so that the pool of buyers for your property is aware that you are going to be selling in the future. And if you're buying, then this is a double-edged sword because you definitely want to take advantage of the lower interest rates if you're getting a mortgage. And we are getting more properties on the market, so you have more choices.

[00:03:30] It's it's one of those things where do I wait until spring? Because there's going to be more people putting their house on the market then, or do I just pull the trigger now? So here's my advice as always, it's the same advice when you're ready to buy, then you buy, you buy in your price range something that you can afford that meets the needs of your life goal.

[00:03:52] I'm not, we're not all Warren Buffett. We're not all there trying to time the market. That's hard for even investors to do, but. You want to get what you want that works for you that makes your life better. And that is in a price range that you can afford. And you're comfortable comfortable with spending that money.

[00:04:10] Okay. So if you're buying, then you just get what you want when it comes available. And if you don't have enough choices, then you can go to one of my other podcasts, which talks about what to do in that low inventory time. There's some great ideas in there. And if you're selling. Thinking about doing it now, you know, you can get a house ready in a week, sometimes 10 days if you really hustle and and then you can, you know, not have as much competition and take advantage of those two new surprise buyer pools that are out there scoop, scooping up houses. All right. So that's our podcast for the week. Why waiting to spring might be a bad idea if you're selling.

[00:04:49] My name is Alice Lema. I'm a broker here in beautiful Southern Oregon at John L. Scott real estate. I'm around all weekend. Give me a call, give me a text 541-301-7980. I want to be your agent. I'm a great listing agent. Great buyer's agent, great investment agents. So give me a call, give me a text. Also work with first-timers, downsizers, upsizes real property in town. Do it all. It's my bag. So have a beautiful weekend. We'll talk to you next week. Bye.

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