Rogue Home Inspections during the Corona Virus in Southern Oregon

Rogue Home Inspections during the Corona Virus Southern Oregon

Home Inspection During Quarantine with Dave of Rogue Inspection
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Alice Lema: Good morning, real estate fans, Alice Lema here, broker John L. Scott,  here in the middle of the corona virus pandemic with my friend, Dave from Rogue, inspections, just to show that we are still helping people move, buy, and sell their houses. So Dave's going to talk a little bit about what he does to get ready to go into somebody's home, to do an inspection.

[00:00:25] So take it away, Dave.

[00:00:27]Dave, Rogue Inspections:  All right. So here at rogue inspection, we are definitely doing our part, during the corona virus to take a little bit of extra precautions. We're cleaning our instruments after every single inspection, was going in, with gloves, booties. If the homeowner has requested just like today, I'm going in with the full hazmat suit, got the gloves.

[00:00:46] I'm going to be wearing my mask and everything just to mask. Yeah, full respirator here, just to give the homeowner a little bit of a peace of mind, knowing that we're coming in and doing our part to not spread the coron avirus.

[00:00:59]Alice Lema:  So a couple of other things that, rogue inspections is doing is they're not having the buyer walk through anymore.

[00:01:06] That's something we used to do. The buyer would meet us on the property and walk through. We're now doing a FaceTime or a video or phone call, which is still great. You know, you still get all the same information and, you get it right from the inspector directly, which is super cool. And, yeah, it's, it's the same thorough inspection that we get with, you know, every other situation.

[00:01:29] So, we really appreciate all that you guys do, and we're glad that you're still working because people still have to move.

[00:01:36] Dave, Rogue Inspections: Absolutely. A lot of businesses are closing, but we're doing our part to stay open and help you guys get the peace of mind that you need on your home buying experience.

[00:01:44] Like I said, anything that we can do to help with that, and you just let us know and we'll be happy to go the extra mile. No problem at all.

[00:01:50]Alice Lema:  And just as I note, they also do sewer scopes and, H vac ductwork inspections. I had them test the lead in my sink at my house in town. And  so yeah, the sprinklers.

[00:02:04] Yeah, they do quite a bit of stuff.

[00:02:05] Dave, Rogue Inspections: Yep. We're actually going a little bit further here during the Corona virus. Um, we have realized that a lot of people are a little too afraid to go out and maybe do grocery shopping, stuff like that. So, we're doing a concierge service if, one of our clients, our agents need us to go out and, get groceries, pick up stuff.

[00:02:27] It's pretty awesome. Travis has been going the extra mile,

[00:02:30] Alice Lema: so that's like, I didn't know that that's like their gift to the community. Don't, you know, we gotta support small businesses, sorry. I've been using my mask so much. My elastic is wearing out. So thanks to Elise for making me these Elise, John's girlfriend.

[00:02:46] Maybe she could make me some more anyway, enough about me. We're going to let you guys get back to your morning. Thanks to Dave at Rogue inspections and, just have a great day. Bye.


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