Southern Oregon Market Update 10-20-21

Southern Oregon Market Update 10-20-21

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[00:00:00] Well, good morning real estate fans, Alice Lema here, broker John L. Scott beautiful Southern Oregon with our market statistics for the week. Ending October 20th, 2021. And thanks, a special thanks to Melissa Lema, who is my graphic artist, also my daughter did a bang up job, adding our little up and down areas in our percentage changes. The graphic looks great. So thank you. Thank you to her.

[00:00:21] This week in Jackson county, we had 152 new listings, 85 closed sales, 145 pending sales in Jackson county. 45 listings back on the market, 43 canceled and withdrawn. Our average days on market in Jackson county this week was 44. Our average sales price was $432,000. And average sold price to list price ratio this week in Jackson county was 96%.

[00:00:48] Josephine county had 57 new listings this week, 43 closed sales 44 pending sales in Josephine county, 20 back on market 18 canceled or withdrawn. 20 average days on market, less than a month and Josephine county average sales price this week was $425,000, which is up from last week. The average sold price to list price ratio in Josephine county this week was 97.56%.

[00:01:17] Klamath county had 59 new listing, 75 closed sales, 71 pending sales in Klamath county. This week, we had 11 back on market, 22 canceled or withdrawn in Klamath county this week. 43 average days on market, which is a little over a month. And the average sales price in Klamath county this week was $241,000. The average sold price to list price ratio in Klamath county was 92.82%, which is down a little bit from last week.

[00:01:47] I'm Alice Lema, broker here in John L. Scott and Southern Oregon. I want to be your real estate agent I'm around all weekend. Please give me a call. Give me a(541) 301-7980. Also have a podcast and a radio show. So look for me on the web. Give me a call, give me a text and let me see what I can do to help you with your real estate needs. Have a beautiful weekend.

[00:02:08] See you next week. Bye.


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