Southern Oregon Market Update 6/16/21

Southern Oregon Housing Market Update For June 16, 2021

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Well, good morning. Real estate fans, Alice Lema here, broker John L. Scott with our market statistics for Southern Oregon for the week ending in June 16th, 2021. So this week in Jackson county, our new listing count was 150. Josephine county was 58 and Klamath county was 63.

[00:00:20] Our pending sales in Jackson county were 117. While Josephine county 56 pending sales. And Klamath county had 66 pending sales. In Jackson county our closed sales rate was 131. Our closed sales in Josephine county were 41. Our closed sales in Klamath county were72.

[00:00:40] In Jackson county this week our canceled/withdrawn people that just gave up were 18. Our canceled and withdrawn in Josephine county were eight. And in Klamath county our canceled withdrawn was also eight.

[00:00:53] Our back on market in Jackson county was 30. And if you remember back on market is a real-time indicator of what's happening. So 30 in Jackson county came back on the market this week. Josephine county we had 10 come back on the market. And our back on marketing Klamath county this week was 18.

[00:01:14] Our average days on market in Jackson county. This week was 38. That's a little over a month. And if you remember a normal market is about four to six months. So we were averaging in the height of the market about seven days now. In Jackson county. Our average days on market are over a month.

[00:01:34] Our average days on market in Josephine county are 27 little under a month. And our average days on market in Klamath county are a hundred. That's over three months. So it's all slip sliding out into something more normal, which is actually great. It's it's going to relax. It's going to be a little easier for people to find homes and you'll still be able to sell your home pretty quickly is my prediction.

[00:02:00] So in Jackson county, our average sales price this week is a whopping $459,000 and some change almost $460,000.  We look for those prices to start adjusting downward in the next 90 to 180 days. But we'll, we'll watch it every week. And, and see how we're doing. And Josephine county, our average sales price was $382,000 and some change.

[00:02:23] And in Klamath county, our average sales price was , $144,000 and some change. Jackson county, the average list price ratio to sold price ratio was over a hundred percent this week, just barely. And in Josephine county, the average sold price ratio to list price was 96.7 and Klamath county average sold price to list price ratio was 95.

[00:02:50] So those are our market statistics for the week ending in June 16th, 2021. We're still trying to normalize. We're still coming down off the highs of the COVID shutdown and the fires that we had nine months ago. And that's what we have for this week. And we'll keep you up to date with the market stats next week.

[00:03:12] I'm AliceLema, broker John L. Scott. I'm here to help you sell houses, buy houses, create investments. Also have a lot of experience with, partnerships and commercial property as well. So give me a call, give me a text. I always have an opinion. My number is (541)301-7980 I want to be your agent.

[00:03:36] Have a great weekend. Bye now.


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