Southern Oregon Market Update 8-11-2021

Southern Oregon Market Update 8-11-2021

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[00:00:00] Well, good afternoon, Southern Oregon, Alice Lema here, broker John L. Scott. And I have this week's market statistics for all three of our counties, Jackson county, Josephine county, Klamath county. We do these statistics every week. So please give me a thumbs up. Leave me a comment. Let me know if it's helping.

[00:00:21] This is an educational series, just like our podcast. And we'd love to know if it's helping. Feel free to share. You can also subscribe to our channel. So back to our market statistics ending in August 11th, 2021 Jackson.

New listings were 142 this week. Our closed sales in Jackson county were 108 are pending sales in Jackson county were 138. Our back on market 46. That's almost a third. Our canceled and withdrawn were 20. Our average days on market is still tight. It's 26 days. That's almost a month, but that's still definitely a sellers market. Our average sales price in Jackson county is $458,000 and change. And our average ratio, percentage of what people list for and what they actually sell for is 98 and a half percent in Jackson county.

[00:01:17] This week in Josephine county, we had 51 new listings in Josephine county. We had 36 closed. Our pending sales in Josephine county were 50. Our back on market in Josephine county were 18. Our canceled and withdrawn were eight. Our average days on market and Josephine county this week are 47. So starting to getting onto two months. And Josephine county average sales price is now $390,000, almost $391,000. Our average sold price ratio to list price ratio in Josephine county was 98 and a half percent. Same as Jackson county.

[00:01:55] Our Klamath county numbers 54 new listings. In Klamath county 36 closed sales. In Klamath county our pending sales in Klamath county were 52. Our back on market in Klamath county were 15. Our canceled and withdrawn were 10 in Klamath county this week. Our average days on market in Klamath county are 29. So about a month. And our average sales price in Klamath county, $256,000 headed up to $257,000. This week average Klamath county average sold price to list price ratio is 95.9%. So almost 96%. So those are our market statistics for the week ending August 11th, 2021. Definitely still have a ton of buyers out there. I still have more and more people putting their house on the market, especially with the reinstatement of the COVID mask mandate and maybe some other protocols coming down the pike from our governor.

[00:02:59] And it's interesting because it did kick a lot of people into gear. They're getting their house on the market, even faster than they were planning. So it's just kind of interesting how, how we all react to those changes. And what's going on with the COVID?

[00:03:14] My name's Alice Lema. I'm a broker here at John L.

[00:03:17] Scott in Southern Oregon. My number is (541)301-7980. Whether you're working in Jackson county, Josephine county, and sometimes in Klamath county, I can help. So give me a call, give me a text I'm around all weekend. I want to be your agent. I can help you if you're a tenant, a landlord, a buyer, or a seller.

[00:03:37] So keep me in mind, stay safe, stay hydrated. Wear your mask. We'll talk to you again next week. Bye now.


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