Southern Oregon Market Update Sept.29, 2021

Southern Oregon Market Update Sept.29, 2021

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[00:00:00] Well, good morning folks. Alice Lema here, broker John L. Scott with our weekly market statistics for all three counties, Jackson, Josephine, and Klamath ending in the week, September 29th, 2021.

[00:00:14] So this week in Jackson county, our new listing count was 169. We have 87 closed sales in Jackson county. 138 pending sales, our back on market in Jackson county was 36. Our canceled and withdrawn folks were 32 in Jackson county this week. Our average days on market in Jackson county is now 40. That's a little over a month. And our average sales price was $472,108. So still high for us. Starting to ebb a little bit. Jackson county average sold ratio to list price ratio was 97.16%. So not quite full price anymore folks. It's, it's changing as we speak.

[00:00:59] Let's go to Josephine county. Now our new listings in Josephine county this week was 47. Our closed sale in Josephine county was 41. 53 pending sales in Josephine county. 18 listings went back on the market. Those are the folks that lost their buyers. We had seven cancel or withdrawn in Josephine county. And our average days on market was 31. So a little less than Jackson county. That's kind of interesting. Our average sales price this week in Josephine county was $433,120. Again, still high. And Josephine county average sold ratio to list price ratio was 96.86%.

[00:01:42] Klamath county this week had 69 new listings, 44 closed sales. Are pending sales in Klamath county were 59. Our back on market listings in Klamath county were 13. Our canceled and withdrawn listings were 12. Now those are the folks that gave up. They cancelled and withdraw Klamath county was 12. Our average days on market and climate is 90 days. So that's three full months. We are halfway to a neutral market folks in Klamath county starting this week. Klamath county average sales price is $281,381 again, high for Klamath. And the average sold price ratio to list price ratio was 95.82%.

[00:02:26] So those are our market statistics for the week ending September 29th, 2021. I'm Alice Lema. I'm a broker at John L. Scott real estate. You can reach me for all your real estate needs, consultation, advice and planning for 2022. My number is (541)301-7980.

[00:02:45] So you can also catch my radio show on Saturdays at 10:00 AM. Radio am 880 and also the weekly podcast. So lots and lots going on as our market changes. So give me a jingle, give me a text and let's get ready for your real estate needs (541) 301-7980 make it a great day.

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