Three Reasons to Buy or Sell in the Fall

Three Reasons to Buy or Sell in the Fall

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Three Reasons Fall is Great Time to Buy

[00:00:00] It's Alice Lema here, broker John Scott, beautiful Southern Oregon into the podcast content. Today is gonna be about the fall season, how it just has so much opportunity for both buyers and sellers, but especially this year. And we're also going to reveal the statistically most popular time for buyers to get a good deal. That's all part of this fall season as well. And then lastly, we have a very famous Southern Oregonian who just listed their property. So you gotta stay tuned in the end for that, cuz that'll be fun. Okay, so before we get to all that quick chance to, subscribe to the channel, give us a like, send some questions, share with your friends.

Alice Lema: This up here floating is my number. You can text or call anytime this weekend. (541) 301-7980. Okay onto the podcast. I'm gonna give you three reasons the fall season is the best time for buying and selling. So first of all, let's reveal that for buyers statistically, nationally, statistically the end of September, [00:01:00] the first few weeks of October is the best time to buy. And that's just like a national survey. They do, you know, they analyze everything real estate. So last week of September, first couple of weeks of October, great, great time for buyers to get into contract. So that's number one.

Number two, it's a great time to sell because you have buyers that really are motivated to be in a property before the holidays. So sellers, there's a point in your favor. Number one was a point in the buyer's favor. Number two point in the seller's favor.

Number three. I know this hasn't been a normal year. I know we're trying to stabilize, but this is the glory of this fall, 2022 is that we still have properties for sale. We still have people putting their house on the market even now, and they're getting showings. We have a lot of offers being written on properties. We have people going into contract. We have people finding the house that they like and putting their house on the market and getting it sold so that they can sell their house and move.

And this is in part because [00:02:00] we're getting more listings on the market. It's giving people choices and people are going, now, I'm now, I'm willing to move, Now I'm willing to sell my house. Now I'm, I'm willing to get rid of my 3.0 interest rate and take on a higher interest rate cause I have equity, I can put it on a another property and still have a good payment.

So those are my three reasons why I find Fall extremely exciting and don't have any smoke. The weather's good. So yeah, whether you're buying or selling, I think we've got another opportunity here before we go full on into the winter market. So, and the prices, if you're selling, the prices are still up from last year.

They're not up a lot, but they're still up. And if you're buying. We just had two sellers take really low offers just because they could, and they wanted to move on to their next thing, and that's, you know, happening in all of the markets. So I just want you to be encouraged whether you're buying or selling. Those are the three reasons why I think you should go for it this fall.

Now let's reveal our famous southern Oregonian who put their house on the [00:03:00] market. Patrick Duffy has owned a really big ranch here in, in southern Oregon for, it looks like more than three decades, so over 30 years. And it's absolutely monster. It's over 300 acres. It has multiple houses, multiple tax lot. and it's got river frontage to die for, so it's pretty exciting. But hold onto your hat or sit down because my friend Allen who I just love, he's such a great agent. He just listed it for $14 million. It's been on the market 11 days . So, and it's just, it's just beautiful.

So good luck to Patrick Duffy and to Allen. He is listing agent. If anybody wants to see it, you can call me, you can text me. And now in this price point, you have to have proof of funds for the showing. We don't do things willy-nilly. Well, we don't do things willy-nilly anyway, but in the luxury [00:04:00] market, it's common and the buyers are prepared to show their financial papers before the showing.

Okay, so there's your big reveal. Patrick Duffy is selling the ranch . Yeah, it just, and you gotta jump on online and see the pictures. They're just beautiful. So if you want some help with your real estate this weekend, just text or call 541-301-7980. Would love to be your listing agent. Great buyers agent, do investment riverfront waterfront real property., First time home buyers, downsizers ,upsize. Just tell me what you need. We'll make it happen. Okay? Other than that, have a beautiful weekend. Enjoy the fall weather. Hug those you love, and we'll see you next time. Bye.


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