Tips for Buying and Selling in a Hot Southern Oregon Market

Tips for Buying and Selling in a Hot Southern Oregon Market

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Tips for Buying or Selling in Jackson & Josephine County in a HOT Market!

Pete  Belcastro: Well, what people are hearing is a top agent like you and the things that you are experiencing across the board as well. And just listen to all the things you said that are going on. That you have said,  I mean, it's true. And, uh, how we deal with those, what we've been doing this for a long time, you and I have we've never been able to say at the same time, in the same sentence until this time, this current time, that is such an opportunity for both buyers and sellers in the same market.

[00:00:30] It never happens. That never happens.

[00:00:40] Usually it gets a seller’s market, which we've seen in our, in our Valley for quite some time

[00:00:45] Alice Lema: Or a buyer's market. Like it was during the crash. Yeah.

[00:00:48] Pete  Belcastro: There's going to be a buyer’s market, but never have we seen them both with such a, I guess, a unique opportunity for both buyer and seller to, to come together.

[00:01:00] The issue that tell me how you're dealing with this when you do it. Because there's such a shortage or a reduction of the number of listings. So how are you dealing with that? Alice, when you talk to your buyers about the listing problem, let's start thinking where we go.

[00:01:18]Alice Lema:  Well, so my buyers and all buyers that are out there right now are all doing the same strategies and there's, there's four or five ways to compete. But you actually have to look at houses either over your price point because you have extra money because I always talk about the fictional aunt Betty, and uncle Fred.

[00:01:40] You got to have more money so that you can come in higher, Or you're going to look at prices that are a little bit under your approval so that you can overbid. You're also going to have to pay your own closing costs or at least half your own closing costs. But I do not want buyers to be discouraged.

[00:01:57] Even if you're in that $200,000 range, you can still get a house. You can still win the bid. I had a, a couple of kids that won the bid on, a little cottage in,  Central Point. They won over six other offers. Well, part of it was because they did not have a house to sell. So you know, do not give up, even if you have to fight and it feels like you're getting put through a hurricane or a washing machine.  You do have the possibility of winning the bid.

[00:02:30] You cannot give up.


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