Where Will You Go if You Sell Your House?

Where Will You Go if You Sell Your House?

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Where Will You Go If You Sell Your Home?

Alice Lema: [00:00:00] Well, hey, real estate fans. Alice Limi here, broker John L Scott in beautiful Southern Oregon, another addition of the weekly podcast. Today we're gonna ask ourselves, where will we go if we sell? I've got some things to consider, some options, and I don't want you to be scared. I know a lot of people wanna move, but then they, they worry about like, where are they gonna go?

So that's why we're gonna address that right now. First of all, let's talk about new construction. New construction can be great because you don't have problems for years. You've got higher energy efficiency. You get the new house smell. And if the construction is almost finished, then you can move in pretty quickly. And that's always an advantage if you're having something built that can take longer.

But again, you know about when it's gonna be finished and nobody has to move out cuz that other person moving out adds a layer of logistics and sometimes complications. So new construction, we don't have a lot of it in southern Oregon cuz we don't have a lot of available land, but we do have some going on right now and [00:01:00] they're beautiful. So if you wanna look at some of those, talk about some of those, let's do it.

The next category is existing houses. This is where somebody has to move out. It might be a, an owner, it might be a renter, so it might take more time. But you get an established neighborhood and established landscaping, so you have a lot more trees. They're bigger. A lot of times the streets are wider. A lot of times the yards are way, way bigger. We love our, and they're old world charm. You know, they have that lived in charming feelings. So a lot of us love those existing homes. Another option is a temporary rental. You can move into something for a few months.

Air B&B if it's only gonna be a few weeks. But it's a good solution if you need to get out of your place early because they just made you the deal of a lifetime. Or if you're just ready to go, then an apartment or a little house or something like that can be good. It allows you more [00:02:00] time to find your next property.

It allows you like if if it's an existing home that you're trying to buy and they can't be out for awhile, it allows you to get that next house that you really, really love, cuz it's worth waiting for. So, temporary quarters, temporary rental can be a good solution. It can also, if it's in the neighborhood that you were thinking of moving into anyway, it gives you a chance to creep the neighborhood. Check out the vibe.

Last but not least, move in with friends and relatives. So this has layers of complication. Not everybody gets along with everybody, but it can be, again, a good solution if you need to get out of your other place quickly. It can also be way more financially advantageous cuz a lot of our friends and family won't charge us full price. Some will , but a lot of won't.

So it's a time to maybe save up a little more money. You probably be more comfortable if it's a bigger [00:03:00] location. You'd be more uncomfortable if it's smaller quarters that you're bunking with. Also, again, if you can arrange for that to be in the neighborhood or location you're hoping to move into, you can sure get good idea of what it's gonna be like cuz sometimes we move into neighborhoods and then we wish we hadn't.

So but again, you know, if you're looking at specific areas, you can also drive by them at night, early in the morning, on the weekends, and kind of check, check things out different times of day or time.

It's not necessarily to actually move into a neighborhood, but if you're gonna move anyway, try to pick the location you're headed toward. Okay. So there we go. Those are some ideas of what to do when you're selling. Some require moving twice, some don't, but let's chat. Let's find out what we can do to make your move easier and more exciting and get the place you want this next [00:04:00] time.

Okay? So call me, text me (541) 301-7980 and let's see what we can do for your real estate needs. Okay? Have a beautiful weekend. Hug those you love. We'll see you next time. Bye.

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