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  • You Don't Need 20% Down to Buy
  • What to Look for in a Buyer's Agent
  • Win in a Multi Offer Bidding War
  • Mortgage Before Matrimony 
  • More to come! 

Video Info for Buyers

Win in a Multi-Offer Bid in buying a house.
Tips to win in a multi- offer bidding situation with Alice Lema Broker, John L Scott, in Medford Oregon. Watch the market every day and get in front of it.
You Don't Need 20% down to buy a house.
How to buy a house with less than 20% down. Nice if you do as payment is lower. Tips from Alice Lema, Broker with John L Scott in Medford, Oregon.
Alice's Analysis - New Construction Tips
New Construction Tips, what to look for. Try to get an idea of the quality of the work. Get a home inspection even on a new house! Do the doors open and close smoothly - do they lock!
What to look for in a Buyer's Agent
Is the Home you're planning on buying even in good condition to sell? have you seen the inspection records or water testing of the property? These things and many more are all important to know before making the decision on buying your next home
Mortgage Before Marriage
Alice Chats About the Importance of Getting a Mortgage Before Getting Married!
Hot Market in Medford - Homes selling in 1 Day
Houses are being bought within 1 day in Medford even during corona virus
Home Inspections During Quaratine - with Rogue Inspections - Dave
Home Inspection with Dave of Rogue Inspection - How to do home inspections during Covid 19 pandemic. Alice Lema, Broker with John L Scott Real Estate in Medford Oregon, keeps on working and selling homes during the pandemic. Nothing stops her nor Dave from representing clients and selling homes!
Market Update, Tips for Buyers & Sellers
Market update for Medford, Ashland, Grants Pass. Buyers your employer may get continuous requests for employment. Be patient, ask your employer to be patient too!
Tips for Buying or Selling in Jackson & Josephine County in a HOT Market!
Great time for both buyers and sellers! In all markets! Strategies to out bid Competition! If you are in Southern Oregon - could be Medford, Central Point, Ashland, Talent, White City, Grants Pass - this is a hot market. Sellers - your properties can sell fast. We do work with Sellers that need to buy at the same time - this can be done. Buyers don't give up listen to Alice's tips for out bidding the competition!
7726 Garden Grove Ct, White City, Oregon
7726 Garden Grove Ct, White City, Oregon
Tips for Buying or Selling in Jackson & Josephine County in a HOT Market!
Tips for Buying or Selling in Jackson & Josephine County in a HOT Market!