New Construction Guide

New Construction Homes

What you need to know when buying a new home in Medford Oregon & other areas. 

  • Builder Warranties - read it thoroughly, read the small print.
  • Shop for a loan. If it is a new development, try other lenders other than a builders in house mortgage company. You may have to wait until a certain number are ready to close - before you can close. 
  • Get a home inspection. Just because it's new doesn't mean everything has been done correctly. There are subcontractors involved. Nicer to have things fixed upfront and not be on the list for repairs after you move in. 
  • Research Community - in a new subdivision are there amenities? What's around it?
  • Get Your Own agent to represent you if at all possible. An onsite sales agent basically represents the builder.
  • Understand and carefully read about upgrade costs.  You will want to budget for upgrades. Will you still like the home if you can not afford all the upgrades? Know what if the baseprice of the home. 
  • Your Home may not look the same as the model. Model Homes have beautiful upgrades, many of them costly. They are usually staged and look beautiful. View homes that are not models if possible.
  • Energy Effiency - New homes usually have better insulation, new heating and cooling may help keep utility costs down.Lower Maintenance costs in the first few years. Your appliances have warranties.                     

New Construction Homes for Sale