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General Info:

Medford is the county seat of Jackson County, Oregon. The population as of 2017 is approx., 79, 590.  There is approximately 400 miles between San Jose, California and Medford, Oregon.  The Rogue Valley International Airport connects you directly with flights to both Seattle and San Francisco. And also with Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Portland, Denver, Salt Lake City, Phoenix, and Las Vegas.
Medford Weather  - The low is usually in January and is around 31 degrees. The high is in July and is around 90 degrees. Of course it can actually get higher or  lower. Snow fall is rare and usually no more then 3 inches, and is not likely to stay long on the ground. The average rainfall is about 28 inches.


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Southern Oregon University - 1250 Siskiyou Blvd., Ashland, OR 97520 Nearby and many online courses. 
Pacific Bible - 28 S. Fir St. St. 212, Medford, OR 97501 Two year programs in Biblical studies. Will be starting a Bachelor of Arts in Bibilical studies.


Medford like the rest of Oregon has no sales tax. This can add up substantially over the course of a year. You will notice it immediately on big purchases like a car, appliances and computers. The average household income  is approx. $45, 361.  The property tax rate is about 1.04% It's kind of complicated though so best to ask your real estate professional or your lender. Jobs (This information if pre- covid 19!!) - unemployment rate 4.6% , US average3.9%

Health & Wellness

Medford and Southern Oregon are a popular place for retirement. They have two good hospitals - Providence Medical Center as well as Asante Rogue Regional Medical Center. Between the two there are 2000+  people who work there. There are also a large number of senior retirement centers as well as Assisted Living Centers and plenty of Senior Services overall.

Providence Medford Medical Center, plus Asante Rogue Regional Medical Center.  Over 2,000 people employed between the two facilities.

Numerous Assisted Living facilities as well as lots of senior services. Medford is a popular choice for retirement.

Moving Services:

If you are moving from another state then it is considered an Interstate Move. Any of the major companies can help you and give you a quote. Check in your local area to see who is available. 

North American Van Lines
Mayflower Transit
There are others, check in your local area.

Do it Yourself 
Penske Truck Rentals

Rental Information
Medford Craigslist - Watch out for scams - don't send  money. Make sure it's a legitimate Property Mgmt Company or the Owner. Medford Craigslist also cover Josephine County.